Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmets Under $200

A full-face helmet is a great way to protect your head from debris and accidents, but it can be expensive. It’s not easy to find the best full face motorcycle helmets under $200. 

Motorcycles are a great way to get around in the summer. But when it comes time to purchase your helmet, many people find themselves stumped with deciding which one is best for them. With so many different styles and features out there, this can be a difficult decision. Luckily for you, I have researched some of the best full face motorcycle helmets under $200 and compiled a list of what I believe are the best options available now. Keep reading if you want more information on finding the perfect full-face motorcycle helmet!

Top 5 Full Face Motorcycle Helmets Under $200

Best Overall

ScorpionEXO EXO-R420 Full Face Helmet

Best Overall Full Face Helmet
  • Great Ventilation
  • Snell Rated
  • High Visibility
  • Lightweight & Comfortable

Helmet Overview:

The Scorpion EXO-R420 is a full face street helmet that includes all of the features you know and loves about the EXO-R410, but with an all-new shell. The new shell is more aerodynamic, lighter, and utilizes a more significant eye-port to maximize peripheral vision. This helmet has been designed to be Snell M2010 certified so that you can use it on both track days and for everyday commuting. It is also DOT approved so that you can use it in both racing and on the street.

My Impression

Scorpion’s EXO-R420 is a full-face street helmet designed to be one of the most comfortable helmets on the market. The R420 has an ultra-lightweight shell made from fiberglass and polycarbonate. The shell is also aerodynamic, which helps keep wind noise down. It has a removable chin curtain and breath guard, along with a quick-release for emergencies.

The new Scorpion EXO helmet is more aerodynamic, lighter, and has a universal fit that makes it an excellent choice for riders of all types. The ultra-lightweight Snell-approved helmet features an advanced venting system for maximum airflow and comfort with minimal noise. Choose from several different shell sizes and colors to find the right fit for you.

What Could Be Better?

The ScorpionEXO EXO-R420 Seismic Helmet is a solid helmet that features an open face and includes the popular “one size fits all” sizing system. It does not come with tinted visors, but instead offers riders to purchase these separately if they desire some protection from UV rays or other elements like dust coming into their eyes.


  • The Scorpion Exo-r420 is an excellent helmet for the price. 
  • Its sturdy construction and advanced design make it one of my favorite helmets.
  • The elliptic ii ratchet system makes adjusting the helmet easy and keeps it in place even when riding at high speeds. 
  • The ever-clear no-fog face shield is crystal clear and doesn’t scratch easily. I’ve had mine for over a year now, and it still looks like new!
  • Kwikwick II washable anti-microbial comfort liner keeps your head cool on hot days and warm on cold ones. 
  • It’s also very comfortable to wear for long periods without getting sore spots or pressure points from wearing it too tight or loose.


Adjustable helmets
Crystal clear shield
Sturdy construction


Only comes with clear visors
Best Choice

Bell Qualifier Unisex Adult Full Face Street Helmet

Best Budget Full Face Motorcycle Helmet
  • ABS Shell Materials
  • Great Ventilation
  • Flip-Up Sun Sheild
  • Lightweight & Comfortable

Helmet Overview:

The Bell Qualifier is a full face durable street helmet under $200.  It features an innovative design and a low price. With its Velocity Flow ventilation, it keeps you cool on hot days. It also has a removable liner so you can wash it or replace it if necessary. You’ll also get speaker pockets for your MP3 player and a padded wind collar to make sure you’re comfortable in the saddle. This helmet meets DOT safety standards. 

My Impression:

The Bell Qualifier is an excellent choice for riders who want to keep the price down but still get many features. The full-face street helmet has an aerodynamic shell and ventilation that keeps you cool during your ride. It also comes with removable ear pads and cheek pads so you can customize the fit. 

Bell’s Qualifier helmet is a full-face street helmet with a removable liner, integrated speaker pockets, and a padded wind collar. The Velocity Flow ventilation system has large vents at the top and bottom of the helmet to help keep you cool while riding. It also has two smaller venting ports on the front of the chin bar to maximize airflow through the helmet. 

What Could Be Better?

Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet has a few small downsides that may be worth bearing in mind before purchase. The padding near the chin can pop out, and this is not always easy to fix without damaging it more or taking it entirely off with glue. Additionally, the strap itself is probably one of its weakest points due to its durability problems 

Highlighted Features:

  • Whether you’re a commuter or weekend warrior, the Bell Qualifier is built to withstand all of your adventures. 
  • The lightweight polycarbonate/ABS shell features an integrated spoiler for stability and aerodynamic efficiency.
  • If bright sunlight makes it difficult to see the road ahead, flip up the shield! It’s easy and a tool. 
  • The wind collar helps keep air from rushing up underneath your helmet. It also adds additional comfort while riding with a face shield.


ABS outer shell materials
Aerodynamic efficiency
Wind collar


Some say it has poor packaging
Great One

LS2 Rapid Street Full Face Helmet

Best City Ride Full Face Helmet
  • Aerodynamic Design
  • Quick-Release Chin Strap
  • Low Price
  • SHARP & DOT Certified

Helmet Overview:

The LS2 Full Face Rapid Street helmet is the most advanced full face motorcycle helmet on the market today. The lightweight, aerodynamic shell offers fully adjustable vents ported through the liner for dynamic flow-through ventilation. The rear spoiler allows air to travel over the top of your head, reducing wind noise and buffeting while increasing stability at high speeds. The cheek pads are removable and washable, making it easy to keep your helmet fresh and clean between rides.

My Impression

The LS2 Full Face Rapid helmet is a high-performance, low-profile street helmet under $200 that offers exceptional features at an affordable price. The full-face design provides additional protection for the chin, mouth, and cheeks while maintaining a lightweight feel.

LS2 Helmets Rapid Street is an ECE certified full face motorcycle helmet. So, it definitely passes the exact safety rating as the high-end helmets out there. This means that you’re getting the same safety (On paper at least) as the best helmets available on the market.

The best thing about the helmet is that it ticks almost all the safety boxes anyone wants on their helmet. Apart from ECE certification, LS2 Rapid Street is also SHARP, and DOT certified. 

On both tests, the helmet scored 3.2 out of 5 stars. The result is decent enough for a lower-priced helmet. If you’re looking for the safest helmet, you will find much, much better helmets in the market. However, you will not find a safer helmet than LS2 Rapid Street in this budget.

What Could Be Better?

LS2 Helmets Full Face Rapid Street Helmet is a great-looking helmet that features an ABS outer shell, composite fiberglass inner liner. It does not come with a drop-down sun shield or fogged-up visor which may be the only downfall for some people who want these two amenities in their helmets.

Highlighted Features:

  • This DOT-approved helmet is constructed of sturdy fiberglass and a polycarbonate shell. 
  • It features an aerodynamic design and a quick-release chin strap that makes it easy to get on and off. 
  • The washable comfort padding provides added comfort while riding, so you can enjoy your ride without any hot spots or pressure points.
  • The ultimate in comfort and no hot spots, this LS2 Helmets Full Face Rapid Street Helmet is perfect for any biker who wants to look good while cruising down the street!


Ultimate comfort
Removable chin strap
Padded inner lining


No drop-down sun shield

Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet

Best Bluetooth Integrated Full Face Helmet
  • Bluetooth Integrated
  • Smooth Lock Drop-Down Visor
  • Anti-fog Shield
  • ECE & DOT Certified

Helmet Overview:

Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet is the perfect helmet for any motorcyclist. It has a removable visor and Bluetooth technology that allows you to listen to music while riding your bike. The Torc T14B can connect wirelessly with all of your devices, including smartphones, tablets, iPods, and MP3 players. This helmet also comes with a built-in microphone so you can talk on the phone while riding.

My Impression

Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet is a Bluetooth integrated full-face helmet that provides the rider with audio and communication features. It has an advanced ventilation system, sun visor, anti-fog shield, and removable earpieces for easy communication. 

The Torc T14B Bluetooth integrated helmet is a full-face motorcycle helmet that is ECE and DOT certified. This helmet has an advanced drop-down visor system called the “Smooth Lock” system which allows you to raise or lower your visor on the fly without having to open it all the way. You can also lock this visor in place when you need it up, but don’t want it to be locked all the way.

Why is it better?

What could be better in Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet? Visors and the full face design are not perfected. The price is a little high for what it offers, but if you’re looking to have your phone connected while still wearing protection on all sides of your head, this may just be the product for you!

Highlighted Features:

  • The Torc T14B Bluetooth integrated mako full face helmet is a sleek, comfortable and sturdy helmet. 
  • It features a smooth lock drop-down visor system that allows for quick release of the visor.
  • The advanced thermal polymer alloy shell protects from impact while maintaining a lightweight profile. 
  • This makes it ideal for long rides or daily commutes.
  • The Bluetooth integrated shell is built with an inbuilt microphone and speakers. 
  • It allows you to listen to music, hands-free calls, and voice-activated commands on your phone without having to remove your helmet!


Bluetooth integrated
Thermo polymer shell
Dropdown visor


Some complaints about sound quality.

HJC CL-17 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Best Sleek Design Full Face Helmet Under $200
  • Lightweight & Superior Fit
  • Advanced CAD Technology
  • DOT Approved
  • SuperCool Moisture Wicking Interior 

Helmet Overview:

The HJC CL-17 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet is the best sleek design full face helmet under $200. The sleek, low-profile shell design offers superior aerodynamics and stability at high speeds. The advanced ventilation system provides ample airflow throughout the helmet to keep you cool and comfortable on hot days.

My Impression

The HJC CL-17 is a full-face helmet with a classic, retro look. The chin bar has been designed and positioned to offer greater comfort, especially when in contact with the rider’s neck. The advanced polycarbonate shell is lightweight and aerodynamic. 

The HJC CL-17 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet is an excellent helmet for riders looking for an affordable, comfortable, and practical option. It has a polycarbonate shell and EPS liner that absorb impact in the event of an accident. You can remove the face shield to allow more airflow through the helmet if you’re riding in warmer weather.

What Could Be Better?

The HJC CL-17 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet is an all-around excellent helmet and it’s hard to pinpoint what makes this piece of equipment better than the others. Perhaps one key feature that sets it apart from other helmets on the market would be its size. A lot of people have found their head sizes run smaller in this model compared to most others.

Highlighted Features:

  • The HJC CL-17 Motorcycle helmet is an excellent choice for riders who want to stay safe on the road.
  • This DOT-approved helmet features an advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell that provides maximum protection in case of impact.
  • The advanced CAD technology used in this helmet ensures that it will be lighter, more durable, and more comfortable than other helmets. 
  • It also comes with a secure shield ratchet system that allows you to quickly take off or put on your visor.
  • The ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System keeps your head cool and dry. 
  • The SuperCool Moisture-Wicking Interior helps reduce fogging by wicking moisture away from your face. 
  • You can adjust the vents to direct airflow exactly where you need it most!


CAD technology
Channeling ventilation system
Durable and comfortable


Some reviewers say the size comes smaller 

Comparison Chart of Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Under $200

Shell MaterialPolycarbonate ABS shellThermoplastic Acrylonitrile Butadiene StyrenePolycarbonate
VentilationChin, Top & Rear Vents four passive exhaust ventsChin, Top & Rear Vents Adjustable VentilationAdvanced Channeling
InteriorKwikwick II Liner Microfiber, Antimicrobial,Moisture-WickingComfortablre EPS LinerEPS Liner

Buyer Guide For Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Choosing the right motorcycle helmet can be a daunting task. There are so many different types and brands to choose from that it’s hard to know where to start. You need your head protected, but you also want something that will look great on you. We’ve compiled a buyer’s guide of some of the best full-face helmets under $200 for people shopping on a budget or who don’t have time to do hours of research!

Safety features: The first factor to consider before purchase is safety features. Different brands have different options, so it’s essential to find out what the helmet offers. Some of them provide more protection than others, and some protect your head in multiple ways.

Style: The next factor is style/looks. If this isn’t going to matter too much, make sure you’re looking for something functional enough; otherwise, try and find a helmet that has the look you’re looking for.

Material: The next important factor to consider is material. There are two main types of material used to construct motorcycle helmets – thermoplastics and composite fiberglass. If you’re looking for a lightweight helmet, you’ll want to look at these materials; however, if durability is important, there may be better options available that use different materials like carbon fiber.

Visor: The other factor is the visor. The type of visor you want to look for depends on your personal preference. Some riders like a clear, unobstructed view, while others prefer the style and comfort that comes with having something in front of their eyes.

Price: Next is price. Make sure you are buying a motorcycle helmet that will fit within your budget! Brands like Bell, HJC, or Icon can be found for under $200, making them an excellent option as long as they match up with other criteria on your list. But if not, there are still plenty of helmets available at various prices – do some research first before making a purchase!

Other features: If you’re looking for an open-face helmet, there are some additional considerations, such as how easy it will be to put on or take off without assistance from someone else. When trying these helmets out, make sure they fit comfortably around your chin, as this is one place where people often have issues finding a comfortable fit, thanks to differences in jaw length.

How To Choose a Helmet That Fits Your Head Shape?

Choosing a full face helmet that fits your head shape is the first step to safe and enjoyable motorcycling. A poorly fitting helmet can not only be uncomfortable, but it can also lead to injury. Here, we will discuss how you can choose a helmet for your specific head shape!

The first thing you need to do is take an accurate measurement of your head. Measure the circumference just above the ears and around the entire thing, including forehead but not hairline or back where it touches the neck

Head size can be classified into three shapes: long oval, round and intermediate oval. Use this information when you are looking for a helmet that matches your shape!

The next thing is to speak to the size of your head. You need a helmet that’s going to be big enough for you, but not too large and bulky. This is where Head Circumference comes in handy! Your best bet is to start with this measurement as it will determine what shape helmet would fit you best.

If you are buying a child’s Full face helmet, take into consideration their age range and weight. if they fall below or above these ranges then they may require an alternative sizing option. 

You can read our article “Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Under $100


Q. What is the most comfortable full-face motorcycle helmet?

I don’t know about the most comfortable, but I can tell you that the HJC CL-17 Full face motorcycle helmet is one of my favorites. Besides looking cool, it’s also very safe and relatively affordable for a full-face helmet.

Q. Who makes the quietest full-face motorcycle helmet?

The quietest helmet I’ve ever heard of is the HJC CL-16. It’s great because it has many vents, so you don’t overheat on hot days.

Q. Are full-face helmets quieter?

A full-face helmet is quieter than a half helmet. It is because there’s no air to get through the gap between your head and the helmet, making it completely closed off from the wind.


If you’re looking for a new motorcycle helmet, it can be tough to find the best one under $200. There are so many different options on the market that it’s hard to know what will work best and which ones won’t break your bank account in half. To help make things easier for you, we’ve created this guide with our 5 best full face motorcycle helmets under $200 – all of them have been researched extensively by experts who ride themselves! We hope this list helps narrow down your search and save some time (and money!).

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