Best Electric Bike Helmet of 2023

A protective gear worn to protect the head during a fall or collision dramatically reduces your risk of a serious brain injury or worse, Helmets are the second most important item required to ride an E-bike of course just after the E-bike.

Electric bicycles run at the speeds of 20-40 mph, even at this speed wearing a helmet is essential but just as important as wearing a helmet is wearing the right helmet.

However, the numerous numbers of helmets and manufacturers make the decision-making difficult as you need to consider so many things like finding the right size, shape, and style at a reasonable price.

We’re here to help make your choices a little simpler which is easier to say than done. This list prioritizes quality, user reviews and consumer experiences converging into a Bang-For-Your-Buck selection.

Bern, Hudson Commuter Helmet

Helmet Overview

Dear E-Bike riders, If you are looking for a helmet with sleek urban design, functionality and higher safety ratings Bern’s Hudson Helmet is the proper helmet for you. The urban styling and fabric bill looks sleek around town while the MIPS liner and in-mold construction ensure safety.

The Hudson is NTA-8776 certified, which means the helmet has been tested in a higher speed, making it one of Bern’s safest helmet.

My Impression

If I share my experiences with Bern’s Hudson Helmet, the design of it has to be mentioned. It has a dome shape with an extended rear profile for additional protection with 13 smaller vents strategically placed along the front and sides making sure optimal airflow while the lightweight maintains comfort during the ride.

I have also impressed with the fabric bill that has an extended design for excellent protection from the sun along with a low-friction layer allows the helmet to absorb rotational forces during impact and help reduce injury.

Moreover, the Hudson comes with an integrated micro-USB rechargeable LED taillight that provides up to 10 hours of visibility. A double press turns the light on while a single press will cycle through the three modes – steady, flash and pulse.

Featuring Bern’s lightweight and comfortable compass fit system which is a wrap-around cradle system, combined with the soft nylon straps, we found it easy to dial in the helmet for a snug but comfortable fit.


MIPS technology.
Integrated LED light .
Adjust dial system for perfect fitting.


Liner materials should be improved.

The Verdict

Overall we found the Bern Hudson Helmet premium with great safety features and smart design as well as comfortable. So, E-bike riders if you are looking for a quality helmet at a reasonable price the Hudson is a great option for you. 

Bell Hub Adult Commuter Bike Helmet

Helmet Overview

If you are searching for a comfortable helmet then the Bell Hub Ebike helmet will arrive on top with ease. Smart ventilation, lightweight and affordable price range making desired one in the market.

The Hub has fusion in-mold polycarbonate shell- a process pioneered by BELL BONDS the helmet’s outer shell to the foam liner to create a studier helmet.

My Impression

Our very first admiration came with minimalist a lightweight fit system with an easy-to-turn rubber over-molded dial for adjustments integrated with MIPS making the helmet very comfortable to carry as well as ensuring safety.

Another impressive feature is the overbrow ventilation design with 3 brow ports to usher in cool air and push it through the air-channel matrix for full-head ventilation which gives the rider a comfortable condition. The Hub has also 15 helmet vents making the overall ventilation system effective.

Also, the straps remained flat and properly positioned for the No-Twist Tri-Glide, a quick-adjust fastener. This feature comes in handy especially for the e-bike riders as they roam a bit faster than the regular cyclists.

Moreover, we found the Hub contains a durable reflective coating on the shell for incredible low light visibility.


MIPS safety system.
Reflective coating.
Well ventilated


No LED taillight.

The Verdict

Overall we found the Bell Hub Helmet very comfortable with stylish design as well as packed with smart features. So you can surely keep the Bell Hub Helmet on your bucket list without compromising the safety at a reasonable price.

Sena R1/R1 EVO Smart Communications Helmet

Helmet Overview

Sena R1/R1 EVO Smart Communications Helmet is an outstanding helmet that convinces all users. It has speakers and a mic that gives you an extra facility to enjoy song and sound.

Sena R1/R1 EVO has a group intercom connection through that you can be connected with other riders. You can use a Bluetooth connection on your smartphone through the helmet.

The design of Sena R1/R1 EVO is comfortable and secured. You can wash its padding. It has a nylon chin strap and a comfortable spinlock. As an extra facility, you can add various smartphone apps.

My Impression

To me, this helmet is nice and very protective against any accident. It is one of the best helmets I think. It helps me to talk to others in a regular tone of speech when someone is out of sight.

It helps me to inform others about road traffic or approaching turns. Its microphone is excellent at sifting out background sound. There is a side button that helps me to control volume at the time of biking. I also can answer the phone easily.

What Could be Better?

It is a weighty helmet. I feel a little bit weighty to wear. It can be better if it will be less weight. for many people, its price may be high. It will be better if the price keeps in the near at hand.


Perfect protecting.
Having a speaker and mic.
Bluetooth connection.
Using a smartphone app



KRACESS Adult Bike Smart Helmet

Helmet Overview

If you are looking for a multitasker, a smart-looking E-bike helmet, the KRACESS Adult Bike Smart helmet will be the right choice. Since it can be used in different types of vehicles, your money will be invested.

KRACESS helmet is waterproof to ipx5 levels. If the helmet gets wet, it does not make any damage.

This helmet also has a high-quality sound system, airproof mouthpiece, and built-in amplifier. Which allows you to make or cancel calls, listen to music, and many more. It also has an advanced noise control system which is excellent.

The newly evolved KRACESS Adult Bike Smart Helmet has an IP full HD 1080p front camera with a 64GB built-in memory card. You can record your travel or take a picture. The automatic deletion program will clear the memories if the memory card is full.

KRACESS helmet can detect speed increases or decreases or falls. It can alert the back vehicles with a warning light. You can also control the turn signals through the controller.

Above all the advanced features the helmet is very cozy and lightweight. The shell uses PC+EPS, which upgrades the helmet sway obstruction. You can remove the liner or visionary glasses, or ear protectors.

Moreover, The Brand KRACESS offers one-year sales warranty.

My Impression

As a user, I appreciate this helmet. Like it is the one solution for all gadgets!  KRACESS has many smart features.

It makes my rides more secure and pleasant. Listening to music or news or anything I want is much easier. Despite all the features and battery, it’s very light weighted and comfortable.

I love its new camera feature as I can capture video and pictures while riding. I felt more secure when it senses my movements and sent an alarm with lighting.

What Could be Better?

Though it has many exciting features, one should include. It will be more help full if a back camera will provide.


Many smart and use full features.
Easy to charge.
Help to prevent an accident.
Using a smartphone app


Have to work more on the camera and waterproof level feature of the helmet.

Lumos Matrix Smart Helmet

Helmet Overview

Lumos Matrix Smart Helmet is a fashionable helmet. If you are looking for a funky, stylish helmet for your scooter or cycling, it is the best choice.

The shell is made of ABS and the foam liner is made of EPS, which makes the helmet stronger and more flexible.

You can custom your sign, and patterns on the Matrix display. It has 1000 lumens of front and backlight. They are easily seen from 360 degrees.

You can control the helmet with your apple watch or Lumos remote controller.

My Impression

I love this helmet while cycling. It fits perfectly in my head. It is very lightweight but good in protection. And also has good ventilation.

The Matrix signals in the back are very remarkable. I have seen many drivers noticing them, which means they are aware of my presence.

As I can change the sign, it is very useful for me to express my intentions to the rear drivers.

What Could be Better?

Although Lumos Matrix Smart Helmet is very stylish, the company should produce more color. And they can also add some features.


Flexible, ultra-fine.
Smart looking.
Using a smartphone app


Take time to charge.

Smart4u SH50U Smart Bike Helmet

Helmet Overview

Smart4u SH50U Smart Bike Helmet has a red rear light. It is an adult bicycle Helmet that has automatic brake light. It has also an SOS alarm function. Riders will find it suitable for riding.

The automatic brake light function of the helmet is like a car. The 7 LED taillights will be highlighted when it is stopped which will eliminate accidents.

If there is an accident and no movement in 30 seconds, the SOS function will trigger and the GPS location will be sent to emergency as soon as possible for rescue.

The built-in rear light will allow the Traffic to notice you from a distance.

The Smart4u has a function to adjust the size to fit in the head. It has a proper ventilation system to make comfortable feeling in the head for cool riding.

For all that new features the helmet is committed to providing the best riding helmet.

My Impression

I was looking for a helmet with a rear light like this smart4u helmet. I feel safe when riding my electric bike with this helmet. I feel safe both day and night. I can be better seen with this helmet from some distance away. I highly recommend the smart4u helmet.

What Could be Better?

Smart4u is a very attractive and smart-looking helmet. The problem is in the app and does not fit in my head properly.


Smart4u has a Smart Lighting feature.
Fall Alarm Function.
 Automatic Brake Light.
Lighting time: about 26-36 hours
Charging time: 3 hours.
Comfortable and highly secured.


Smart4u has connecting app problem.

How to Choose the Best Electric Bike Helmet

electric bikes are usually faster than pedal cycles. We should use a helmet for e-bike riding to protect our heads from injuries. It is necessary to keep in mind some issues when you buy the best electric bike helmet.

Most of the e-bike riders are prefer light and portable helmets. But keep in mind that, lightweight helmets may not perfect snug. So, Many modern helmets are feature with a fit dial system. That ensures perfect snug and secure fit.

Before buying an electric bike helmet, you have to see how compatible it is with the face. Helmets must be well-ventilated and comfortable to wear.

For buying an e-Bike helmet, you think to consider its price. But I like to suggest that, you should not buy cheap quality helmets. Cheap helmets do not have good ventilation and provide good protection.

Things to Consider Buying an Electric Bike Helmet

You must need a helmet that exceeds the most common safety standards, but there are many factors to conversations. Those are:

  • Parts availability. Choose a company that is reputable and can easily order everything. Choose a company where all the products are always available.
  • Comfort. Choose a helmet that does not cause any pain in the head. It will be light to wear and more than five hours.
  • Weight Total of the helmet. Heavy helmets are tired, so buying soft and thin shading helmets should be preferred. It will not hurt the neck.
  • Ventilation. It is essential to have a ventilation system. It is necessary to see that the ventilation is smooth in all seasons. It should buy thinking about summer.
  • Graphics, Styling, and Color. Graphics, styling, and color are also important. You’ll like the look of the helmet for your kids. 
  • Price. I suggest do not buy under $50 e-bike helmets because they will not be well made and perfect. However, if you don’t want to have an ultra-high-performance like a racing helmet then no need to buy $300.


What’s Different In an Electric Bike Helmet?

There are slight differences in the helmet of e-bikes. There is a presence of thicker EPS foam with more complete plastic shells. The shells are wrapped around the edges to help the helmet remain in one piece while on impact. The helmets have a deeper temple with back-off head protection which can cover the partial or whole ear area.

Are Helmets Required for Electric Bikes (Is there a Law)?

In the USA, Washington DC along with 25 states has helmet requirements for e-bikers and passengers. States like Massachusetts, West Virginia, Maryland, Louisiana, and Connecticut have laws to use a helmet for all ages for e-bikes.

25 states in the USA have no specific requirements for e-bikes. States like North Carolina, Delaware, Tennessee, Florida, Virginia, Montana, and Maryland have laws to wear a helmet for both riders and passengers.

Under the age of 16 and in states like Kentucky, Kansas, Indiana, and New Mexico have laws to wear a helmet for e-bikes for anyone under the age of 18.

What Type of Helmet Should I Wear On an e-Bike?

Electric bikes are faster than standard bikes, so extra protection is needed to save yourself from any critical head injury upon crashing. To counter an incident like that, a high-quality electric bike helmet is necessary with added levels of protection such as MIPS.

Standard quality helmets for e-bikes include added advancements such as thicker and sturdier EPS foam. Apart from safety, some of the things you can look for in an e-bike helmet are comfort, lightness, visibility, auto-braking backlight, ventilation, etc.

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Is MIPS Helmet Necessary for an Electric Bike Rider?

If you want to protect your head or brain from any serious injury, MIPS is necessary. MIPS stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System which helps to protect the rider or the passenger from rotational forces during any serious impact by mimicking the brain’s protective structure.

To reduce any trauma during an incident, the helmet’s structure allows the helmet to slide due to the low friction layer separation of the helmet’s shell and liner. In the helmets with MIPS, you can see a liner of thin yellow color beneath the helmet pads.

How Much Does the Average e-Biking Helmet Cost?

In general, e-bike helmets can cost $55 to $195. But as some are more concerned about safety, a helmet with MIPS can be as low as $30 to as high as $300. But if you want to get a high-quality helmet with MIPS, you need to spend $25 to $30 more. You should get a helmet with MIPS, no matter the cost increase. Electric bikes are faster than regular bikes and a helmet gives much-needed protection during uncertain situations.


E-Bike helmets are getting popular because of increased regulations in different states in the USA. E-bikes are also important to maintain safety, especially among youngsters. Therefore it’s a good idea to invest in a more robust helmet for better protection against head injuries in case of a fall or accident.

So grab your stylish looking as well as comfortable best electric bike helmet at a reasonable price without compromising the safety.

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